I can’t thank Shash enough for the encouragement and knowledge. I had slipped disc in 2013, two lots of physio, and lots of pain. Then after having Kohan my tummy muscle’s split and I had to have physio again. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do normal things with the kids again. Pilates has strengthened my weak core to the point that my back pain has honestly left the building. A little bit of dedication on my part and making sure that I stretch and add Pilates to my daily routine has meant that I’m stronger than before I had the boy. Back pain honestly made me feel mental. The doctors would just prescribe drugs that I couldn’t take. Unless I wanted to be a zombie. For anyone suffering listen to your physio and maybe give Pilates a try. I’m so glad I did. - Gemma C, Hitchin.

We were overwhelmed by the response we got when asking for some reviews from our students, thank you everyone.

‘If you want to be pain free, go to regular Pilates classes with Shashin’ – Clare, Hitchin.

‘I suffer from sciatica and was very cautious of any exercise that could aggravate this. Shashin has given me the confidence to know what my safe limits are and how I can progress. I have been doing Pilates with Shashin for just over a year and in that short space of time, my flexibility has vastly improved. I have more body awareness and am able to be more active. I used to take painkillers but now if I’m having a bad sciatic day, I do my Pilates which provides the relief. Pilates with Shashin is my medicine of choice!' – Carole, Stotfold.

‘I have attended Shashin’s classes for about 3 years now and it has changed my life. Shashin takes his time with everyone explaining the exercise clearly. He takes every individual into account in terms of physical ability and mobility. He is patient and approachable. He is encouraging in helping you to progress.' – Andrea, Hitchin.

‘Shashin is a great teacher, always tailoring exercises to suit individuals with pain or problems. My back and hip have greatly improved since attending his class, when all else has failed.' – Nick, Welwyn Garden City.

‘Shashin is an attentive and knowledgeable teacher of Pilates. He is careful to match the intensity of the workout to the ability or experience of the student. Shashin is good at explaining each move and how it should feel, to help the student do it correctly.’ – Ann, Wallington.

‘I regard Shashin as ‘’the real thing’’. A part from being technically very accomplished, he is highly supportive of class members and relates well to our concerns and feelings/difficulties with our bodies. The class atmosphere is very relaxed. I like his belief that Pilates is a ‘’way of life’’ and his continuous reminder that we won’t improve without hard work and effort.’ – Brian Hitchin.

‘Having had Pilates classes with other teachers, who could not care less if you are doing the exercise correctly or not I found Shashin to be very interested in developing his students. He is passionate about you improving yourself but mindful of your abilities and limitations. He fully explains why you are doing the exercise, correcting where needed. I have been with Shashin for 4 years and would not contemplate going to another teacher.’ – Susan Letchworth.

‘The course is very thorough, targets all the right parts of the body and is run in a fun and relaxing way.’ – Steve Hitchin.

‘I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else’s classes.’ – Steve, Letchworth.

‘Shashin is a great Pilates teacher. He is passionate about the benefits of Pilates and ensures that all his students get the best from his classes. The classes are fun and we all have a laugh which is important. I wouldn’t do Pilates with anyone other than Shashin!!!’ - Rebecca, Hitchin.

‘Shashin is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had and I’ve been going to his classes for over 3 years. He always suggests different methods of completing an exercise depending on whether you want to push yourself or need to take it easier because of an injury.’ - Andrew, Wallington.

‘Shashin is a brilliant teacher who gets the best out of all his pupils. He treats us all as individuals, making himself aware of each person’s strengths, weaknesses and physical/health problems and is keen to ensure no one is pushed beyond their capabilities. I have nothing but praise for Shashin and his approach to teaching Pilates and have personally benefitted hugely from being a part of his class for over several years.’ – Elizabeth, Letchworth.

‘Shashin is a fantastic teacher. He approaches his lessons with calmness and humour and makes you feel you can… even if your body can’t quite do it yet.’ Susanne, Letchworth.

‘DO IT! Amazing what I can do now that I couldn’t do before. Definitely more flexible and less aches than before. Shashin is patient and considerate, a great teacher!’ - Keely, Stotfold.

‘Shashin is a wonderful teacher, very calm and reassuring. Through his tuition I have developed my strength, flexibility and technique in Pilates.’ – Hannah, Hitchin.

‘I started the Pilates beginners’ class with Shashin in September following an unexpected back problem in the summer. Shashin has been recommended to me by 2 different friends who have been attending one of his classes for over a year. I find Shashin a good teacher who ensures you are doing the moves correctly and am likely to continue after this term finishes.’ – Tania, Hitchin.

‘An excellent teacher. Knowledgeable, patient, adaptable and inspiring.’ – Rosemary, Letchworth.

‘Lovely to be taught by someone so knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. All done with a twinkle in his eye!’ – Ann, Hitchin.

‘I spent my whole working life in education and so I think I can recognise a good teacher when I see one. Shashin is very good. He knows his subject and his students and pushes/encourages you just enough to make steady progress whilst all the time varying his session to keep them interested.’ – Chris, Letchworth.

‘Since joining his class, I have seen a massive improvement in my strength and flexibility. Shashin makes the class fun and enjoyable, giving very clear instructions on how to complete the exercises and routines. I have been coming to this class now for nearly 2 years.’ – Julia, Hitchin.

‘I thoroughly recommend Shashin. He always takes a personal interest in our needs and suggests exercises in the class to suit everyone. Now I can do exercises that were impossible when I started.’ – Jackie, Hitchin.

‘I have done other Pilates classes and my initial reaction was how thorough he is. He took time to ensure you were doing the exercises correctly and gave good clear concise instructions. He also has a good sense of humour too, an excellent instructor.’ - Gillian, Hitchin.

‘An amazing teacher who explains everything really well so you can perfect the moves. Takes an interest in you and your welfare while progressing you too. A very relaxed atmosphere.’ Lisa, Hitchin.

‘Challenging classes with movements that can be adapted to any level of ability.’ – Melanie, Letchworth.

‘Shashin’s Pilates classes are excellent. He teaches Pilates very precisely and tailors it to all abilities. We move forward in gradual steps with the right level of challenge for us all. I always leave the class feeling better.’
– Judith, Letchworth.

‘Very friendly but hard working classes, no 2 classes are the same. He knows his students well and encourages everyone to push themselves (without damage) in order to progress.’ – Carol, Hitchin.

‘Shashin provides quality structured Pilates classes that make people feel comfortable and supported. He is able to understand people’s issues and customise exercises accordingly. A first class tutor.’ – Mike, Letchworth.

‘Shashin is a teacher who is clear in his explanation. Observant to how the class are doing individually. An excellent teacher of Pilates.’ - Noreen, Letchworth.

‘Pilates has done me a huge amount of good. Shashin is a brilliant teacher, patient, giving individual attention and he always seems to be enjoying it too. I thoroughly recommend it.’ - Gillian, Welwyn.

‘He is very friendly and understanding and always explains things fully. He never tries to force you beyond your capabilities but instead takes an individual interest in everyone and gives the encouragement everyone needs to reach their potential.’ – Sharon, Lower Stondon.

‘Shashin is obviously an expert in his field. He is patient, kind with a good sense of humour.’ – Jeanne, Letchworth.

‘Shashin has great patience and is very encouraging. He makes the class relaxed and good fun. I feel a great improvement in my knee and core strength.’ – Helen, Letchworth.

‘ Pilates is the perfect way to strengthen your body around an injury. Shashin explains the exercises clearly and simply and gives individual attention to each person in the class. He will adapt exercises to meet individual abilities.’ – Neil, Hitchin.

‘Excellent and very patient teacher. Focuses on getting the technique correct.’ – Caroline, Letchworth.

‘Shashin is aware of varying needs of individuals in the class, always checking our wellbeing. Classes are hard work and varied. He is always cheerfully encouraging. We have confidence that he really knows his stuff.’ – Katie, Letchworth.

‘Try it for 1 term. It is different from other forms of exercise but the fitness achieved makes such a difference to wellbeing and posture.’ – Sheila, Hitchin.

‘Shashin gives his personal attention and encouragement to each member of the class. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable and his classes enjoyable.’ - Mary, Stotfold.

‘He explains the exercises very simply and so they are easy to follow and it is easier to do the exercises more precisely and accurately.’ – Joanne, Hitchin.

‘Loving it so far! Shashin explains the exercise in great depth to ensure you are doing it correctly.’ – Sally, Letchworth.

‘He knows what he is talking about! Gentle, friendly and adjusts the exercise for my needs as I have osteopenia.’ – Becky, Hitchin.

‘Shashin makes Pilates enjoyable. He is sensitive to any who have specific problems with exercise and he is always clear in his explanation of what to do and why, with a touch of humour. I recommend him as a Pilates teacher.’ – Jane, Letchworth.

‘I have found Shashin to be a first class instructor. He explains all exercises very clearly and is patient with those that need a little extra help. Paces the classes extremely well with regard to students’ levels of fitness and expertise.’ – Vivian, Letchworth.

‘Shashin is patient and understanding. He lets us go at the pace we are comfortable with.’ – Louise, Offley.

‘Highly recommend Shashin, relaxed, encouraging approach.’ - Lesley, Hitchin.

‘Shashin’s classes are relaxing and hugely beneficial if you have muscular or posture issues like me. He’s a very attentive, friendly teacher and I’ve found Pilates to be a total godsend which I rely on.’ – Angela, Letchworth.


Make sure you look for the 'Body Control Pilates Certified Teacher' sign when choosing your Pilates class

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